Best Practices for Incident Responders Collecting Electronic Evidence

This white paper was developed to provide first responders with a basic understanding of key technical factors regarding the collection and preservation of electronic evidence and storage media. Often times, the first responder may be the system or network administrator, a senior information technology (IT) staff person, or a member of the incident response team. It is important that organizations recognize, protect, collect, and preserve electronic evidence in accordance with best practices and guidelines to reduce the likelihood of errors and claims of spoliation. Rash or hurried actions could damage or destroy potential evidence.    Download

Information Security – Helpful Tips for K-12

This quick-sheet summarizes eight helpful information security tips for teachers and other professionals in the K-12 education field.   Download

ACH & Wire Transfer Fraud Trends

ACH and wire transfer fraud are not new threats to those who handle money online. For years, technology has been advancing rapidly to facilitate business, and fraudsters have had no trouble keeping up. Online banking has made business easier, faster, and more efficient for the commercial banking customer. Unfortunately, it has done the same for fraudsters.   Download