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Why go through Continuum for Splunk?

As a licensed reseller for Splunk, we are able to help you find the Splunk implementation that is appropriate for the specific challenges of your environment.  We are also available post-implementation to help you get the most out of Splunk. For example:  

Splunk Recently Featured on Mad Money on CNBC

We are proud to partner with such a disruptive and successful tech company. Congrats to Splunk for the recent nod from Jim Cramer via Mad Money On CNBC. See full clip below:  

Enterprise Security App:

Splunk Enterprise Selected Best SIEM Appliance in 2013 SC Awards!!! [click here to read more]

The Splunk App for Enterprise Security provides a window into 'known' threat data collected from the traditional components of the security architecture. The Enterprise Security App features a metrics and domain based approach to consolidating and monitoring access, endpoint and network protection products while giving the user form searches and the ability to drill-down directly into the data. Once in the raw data, the App provides cross data-type investigation workflows and a robust incident management system to classify, prioritize, assign, and document security incidents. The App is flexible enough to allow the user to add their own real-time correlation searches to those provided and additional dashboards tailoring the App to the needs of security and business users. At any point in data exploration, the App can be used as a jumping off point for investigations of both known and unknown threats. more info video

Payment Card Industry App:

With Splunk you can securely collect all PCI-relevant data and then search, alert and report on it to address the complete range of PCI related issues and requirements. Generate reports in seconds to prove compliance with any PCI control, from password policy to firewall configuration. Comply with PCI's explicit data control requirements including log collection, review and retention requirements across all of your infrastructure as well as file integrity monitoring. more info video  

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