Posted on Dec 05, 2012
We are co-sponsoring the 2nd Annual Corporate Compliance and Security Summit, hosted by CoSentry at the Omaha Marriot Hotel on Thursday December 13th.  FBI Special Agent, Justin Kolenbrander will deliver the keynote. SSA Kolenbrander was recently awarded the FBI Director’s Award for “Outstanding Cyber Investigation” for his work on Operation Trident Breach.  This was a highly successful FBI-led operation in which a sophisticated hacking/phishing ring originating in the Ukraine, Russia and UK was broken up in the process of stealing 70 million dollars, leading to 64 arrests and search warrants in several countries. Chris Hoke, Director of Security SolutionsChris Hoke, Director of Security Solutions at Continuum, will also be speaking in three breakout sessions at this event. His infosec topic will be Active Monitoring and Response: Defending Yesterday's Networks Against Today’s Attacks. A description of the session is included below:
"Our networks face an increasing sophistication, diversity, and frequency of attacks including mobile attacks, social engineering, spear-phishing, cyber espionage, and botnets to name a few. To add to the challenge, savvy attackers can bypass most traditional security precautions within hours, not days. This talk will highlight the need for organizations to re-evaluate their architectures and control environment in the context of today's attacks and methodologies. Participants will learn how to go beyond typical “bandaid” prevention controls to improve the quality of monitoring, while at the same time reducing the impact of incidents and the system admin’s burden."
We hope you can join us! Click here for more info and to sign up for the Compliance and Security Summit. The keynote session starts at 1:30, and Chris Hoke's infosec sessions start at 2:30, 3:15, and 4:00. Networking and beverages to follow... look for the rest of the Continuum team there!