Hyperconvergence: What’s in it for You?

A typical data center has multiple generations of servers, operating systems, hypervisors, and storage devices—often from multiple vendors. Today’s IT administrators are charged to do more with less, drive efficiency with speed, manage risk with [...]

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Ten Thoughts on Analytics for the Healthcare Industry

This week I had the honor of attending a summit that brought together more than 20 healthcare providers to share ideas and collaborate on key perspectives impacting their organizations. And throughout, I thought it was [...]

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Use Containers to Take Your DevOps Pipeline to the Next Level

Almost all of the businesses that we talk to have made significant strides toward DevOps maturity in recent years, but most of them still have the same obstruction that slows their DevOps pipeline to a [...]

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Happening Now: Ransomware Attack

There has been a very aggressive global ransomware attack over the last 72 hours. The initial variant of the "WannaCry" malware is an attack against a SMB (server message block, one of the fundamental Windows [...]

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Escape Dated Storage Practices

Last-generation IT assets can’t perform to today’s business expectations. Organizations are rapidly integrating flash into their current storage strategy. Sirius and Pure Storage are delivering the next great advances in enterprise storage speed performance. Check [...]

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